auditing of recurring checks

audit of checks

check lists

audit of it projects

audit the overall management of projects

auditing the start of projects

audit of the design and development of systems

audit of implementation

auditing windows operating systems

audit of applications (erp)

audit of data centers and recovery plan

internal audit standard

the qualification standards

operational standards

implementation of standards

practical modalities of the application

communication of results

monitoring of progress actions

acceptance of risk by the general director

general information 

definitions and characteristics of fraud

panorama of the fraud

small and medium-sized enterprises / large enterprises / associations

the public sector

the consequences of fraud

diagrams of fraud by process or function

purchases / sales / cash flow / stock

capital / pays / data

fraud during the presentation of financial statements

objective sought by the fraudster

fraud risk

consequences of fraud

the actors

prevention of fraud

method of detection

the means to fight against fraud

general information on internal auditing

definition and objectives of the mission of internal audits

the different types of auditing

the place and role of an internal auditor in the company

the missions of internal auditors

objectives and responsibility of internal auditors

types of interventions

the approach of auditors

planning the mission

composition of the audit team

execution and supervision of the work

presentation and discussion of the reports

organization of internal audit service

risks analysis and audit planning

planning and follow-up of missions

manual audit and work referrals


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